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Engineers for a Sustainable World (ESW) is a non-profit network of student organizations in the US. We represent the ESW chapter at the Georgia Institute of Technology (GT).  ESW has recently teamed up with UVINITY, a startup company founded by X Li. X  has 5 years of expertise, 7 patents and 35 publications in the field and is currently studying PhD in Electrical Engineering (ECE) at GT. In addition, our team consist of 5 highly motivated GT  undergraduate students from Mechanical Engineering, Environmental Engineering, and Civil Engineering.

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Around the world, 780 million people do not have access to clean drinking water. Natural disasters exacerbate the problem by contaminating water sources and limiting the availability of potable water. For example, earthquakes can damage pipes and infrastructure, contaminating the water supply. Clean water is an essential nutrient that is required by a healthy human body. In emergency situations, a refugee needs a minimum of seven liters clean drinking water every day. The methods that are currently implemented are oftentimes expensive, politically driven, and not sustainable. Current efforts do not sufficiently provide even the minimum recommended requirement of seven liters of clean drinking water to each person.

Our goal is to create a small-scale water sanitation system that can be attached to any two-liter bottle. The system includes a coarse filter for suspended solids, a UVC light to disinfect the water, and a fine filter to remove small particles. Our vision for this product is that it will be used to help refugees who have been affected by war, conflicts, and natural disasters. This product addresses a major cause of disease and malnutrition, which can lead to death, and is affordable due to the small profit margin associated with a non-profit status. Our product can be a superior choice for disaster relief situations and a game changer in humanitarian logistics. It is far more affordable than other UVC-based purifiers, is effective against a broader range of microorganisms than chlorine, and does not have the negative side effects of iodine tablets. It is portable and provides a reusable option for on-site acquisition of clean water, making it more sustainable and cost-effective than transporting clean water into an area by truck or plane. ESW-UVINITY partnership believes that students and engineers can be a vital part of the solutions needed to more effectively meet global human needs while providing sustainable access to the world’s resources for current and future generations.

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