Hydroponics project


Hydroponics Team Fall 2015
Hydroponics Team Fall 2015

Hydroponics Project

Mission: To create a fully sustianable, self-sustaining greenhouse that will utilize a hydroponics system in order to grow produce for the Georgia Tech and surrounding Atlanta community. This greenhouse will be used as an educational resource to teach students and citizens around Atlanta about sustainable farming and healthy living.
The Plan: The purpose of hydroponics at Georgia Tech is to allow students to experiment and develop new techniques to further advance this field of sustainable urban farming. We plan to construct a greenhouse that could house a large-scale hydroponic system and  be completely sustainable in design, using solar panels to generate electricity for the pumps and lighting, and rainwater collection to produce enough water. A portion of produce will be donated back to the Atlanta community and local schools, and the rest will be sold to offset operational costs and to purchase supplies to maintain the system. This greenhouse will also be used as an educational tool to teach students from around the community about sustainable farming and healthy living.
Why Hydroponics?
Hydroponics is the science of growing and producing plants in nutrient-rich solution, instead of soil. Hydroponic farming utilizes up to 90% less water than traditional soil farming, and grows crops twice as fast due to a controlled environment of nutrients, water, and oxygen. It does not require herbicides or pesticides, and also needs much less maintenance than traditional farming. This, of course, is ideal for students interested in sustainable urban farming methods.


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